8" Soft Roll & Toss 'Round the World Plush Set

‘Round the World is a soft, plush globe that comes with a set of five trees and seven animals. Our revolutionary fabrics are soft and safe for children of all ages and allows each pieces to hook onto the globe. The animals and trees attach and detach easily and can live or grow wherever your child desires!


Infants will explore color, shape and texture as they handle, shake, throw, and even suck on, the toys. The fabrics and dyes have been tested and are safe for your children, so don’t worry if your child puts them in her mouth!


Older children will get to know — and appreciate — the Earth and its inhabitants through more sophisticated games of pretend play, whether that’s planting trees for the pandas in Asia or roaming with buffalo across the Great Plains. Please consider playing alongside your child to help him learn his new friends’ names and natural habitats.


  • The full set contains: one globe, five trees and seven animals (rhinoceros, buffalo, jaguar, polar bear, panda bear, koala, and reindeer)
  • Safe for all ages; no sharp pieces or small objects to choke on!


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8" Soft Roll & Toss 'Round the World Plush Set

SKU: PT11800001007-1200
  • Spot clean only


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