12" Soft Snowy Mountain Shape Sorter Plush Set

The Snowy Mountain is a set of 16 plush pieces: one mountain, six animals, six trees, and three clouds. All pieces are embroidered to add visual and textural variety. Our revolutionary fabric is non-toxic, safe for children of all ages, and naturally hooks onto each other. The animals, trees and clouds attach and detach easily, and can be placed anywhere on the mountain that your child fancies. In addition, the trees and clouds are stuffed with crinkle paper to stimulate auditory senses and simulate the sounds of wind, snowfall and rustling leaves.


The animals come in three shapes, triangular, cuboid, and cylindrical, that fit into the congruent openings on the face of the mountain. The cave door and the snow cap on the top of the mountain double as removable flaps. All materials can be stored inside the mountain for neatness and convenience.


As your child prods her animals into the openings along the mountain slope, through the door of the cave, or inside the snow cap, she’ll get valuable practice with shape recognition, matching, basic directions, such as “in” and “out,” and simple actions, such as “open” and “close,” and “push” and “pull.” And, when cleaning up involves a cave and snow cap, it becomes an important part of the fun, rather than a chore!


You’ll enjoy watching your child master fine motor functions, explore such essential concepts as shape and volume, and, most importantly, learn to care for his furry companions as they make their way up the face of the mountain. We encourage parents to engage and converse with their children as they make-believe, to facilitate the acquisition of vocabulary and interpersonal skills.


  • The full set contains: one mountain, six animals (raccoon, moose, lion, tiger, fox, and monkey), six trees, and three clouds
  • Safe for all ages; no sharp pieces or small objects to choke on!


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12" Soft Snowy Mountain Shape Sorter Plush Set

SKU: PT11800001006-1200
  • Spot clean only


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